I’m a software developer, living in Australia. I love software for what you can do with it, and how much you can learn from it. I love the power of information. Information has behaviour and meaning. It moves and flows, and it has patterns. Good software is software that harmonizes with these patterns to reveal something new and powerful.

I’m a .Net developer, and I spend a lot of time with LINQ and the Reactive Extensions framework, which are both great tools for letting you explore and manipulate data.

I also have a growing interest in wine. Since returning to Australia from London, I’ve been getting to know our wines better. I love the idea of finding a wine with a personal story behind it, and putting it away to be opened up a decade later. All of which is another way of saying that I’ve acquired a wine fridge and one of my favourite hobbies is keeping it full. As a friend said to me, wine fridges that are full have greater thermal inertia, and are therefore more efficient. So really it’s just environmentally friendly…


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